Our Mission

Encourage sustainable fashion by supporting eco friendly swimwear brands – together in one marketplace.


I’ve always had a love for the ocean, and growing up I have become more and more aware of the human impact we have on its wellbeing.

Swimwear often has to endure harsh conditions – saltwater, chlorine, direct sun exposure, abrasion of waves & sand. So a lot of manufactures opt for synthetic materials which are strong enough to stand up to the elements.

Synthetic fibres break down into microplastics which shed into our waterways.

Eco friendly swimwear brands recognise this, and may choose natural fibres to ensure it decomposes easily, or reusing/recycling synthetic fibres increasing the longevity – therefore reducing its impact.

It’s sometimes a difficult trade off between polluting materials, or keeping clothes out of landfills.


Shopping for swimwear can be uncomfortable for some, especially when brands only model on one type of body. We are passionate and adamant that our brands promote and encourage diversity.

And with more information on eco-friendly initiatives, more brands committing to full-circularity and more consumers gravitating towards sustainable brands the better the world & the ocean will be.

That’s our goal.